Month: February 2018

Bitcoin price to go 2x by midyear says Wall Street’s Tom Lee

Historical trends and a selection of top-level company announcements of late will bolster Bitcoin prices by mid-year. That’s what Fundstrat’s Tom Lee expects, anyway. Lee’s expectation for the price of USDT per Bitcoin was right up around $20,000. Lee also su…

The IRS Comes for Bitcoin

This post The IRS Comes for Bitcoin appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The IRS closes in on bitcoin users the same way it closed in on Swiss bank accounts… “K” learns the hard way that the IRS is serious… The post The IRS Comes for Bitcoin appeared first …

UAE Bitcoin Investors Share Emotional Rollecoaster

Mohammed and Fred, two residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are two cryptocurrency ‘noobs’ that invested in late 2017, unaware the rally would fade all too quickly. The Tale of Two UAE Bitcoin Investors Cryptocurrencies aren’t new. Wikileaks accepts b…

Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are reward programs run through website or apps to incentivize users to complete a particular task.

This Is Who Controls Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized network, so who has the strongest hand when it comes to making changes to the protocol?

SegWit Transactions in Bitcoin Hit 30% For First Time

SegWit usage on the Bitcoin network has hit 30% in a new all-time high sparked by uptake from major industry businesses and services. High-speed, Low-fee Bitcoin Emerges Citing data from cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor, investor and comment…

Bitcoin Whale

Large holders of bitcoins are called bitcoin whales, whose actions may manipulate cryptocurrency valuations

Bitcoin Dust

Bitcoin dust is the small value of bitcoins that cannot be transacted due to high cryptocurrency miner fees.

The Bitcoin Game #52: Mike In Space

Hello, welcome to episode 52 of?‚ The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. This episode I speak with Mike In Space, longtime creator of Bitcoin memes, and more recently, the host of the comedy series, Bitcoin Car Talk. I?’?ve never heard Mike interviewed, so I tho…