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Imaginative Ways to Buy Crypto, Explained

Hundreds of ways of buying crypto have emerged in recent years – and in some cases, you can get your hands on Bitcoin without parting with cash.

ABC Wins Race to BCH Ticker (At Least on Huobi)

Over the past week, all eyes have been on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork and the hash war between competing factions ABC and SV. Now, ABC has won the war on one major trading platform. According to an official tweet from Huobi Global, the ABC version of Bitc…

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

Okay, so you all know I am all about operational reality. And although the financial markets and the economy aren’t exactly like the physical world there are certain operational and [ … ] The post Pop Quiz, Hot Shot appeared first on Pragmatic Capitalism.

A Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Primer

A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin You’ve heard of bitcoin, right? Some people say it’s the currency of the future; some say it’s a glorified pyramid scheme; and then there’s the rest of us, who have no idea what it is or how it works. Bitcoin just turned ten year…