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Cryptocurrency is actually terrible for battling inflation, data shows

Cryptocurrency is often floated as a failsafe for floundering economies. When faced with economic instability, blockchain evangelists are often quick to prescribe Bitcoin (or some other altcoin) as a means of alleviating hyperinflation by being more stable th…

What is IOTA all about?

What sets IOTA apart from other cryptocurrencies? Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA, shares insights about the cryptocurrency.

IOTA Price Falls Nearly 20 Percent from Late August Peak

The IOTA value on Thursday continued to trend downwards and fell more than 18 percent since its late August-high near $0.8154. The IOT/USD stated the early Asian trading session by breaking below a critical support level around 0.7294-fiat, opening a path of …