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Biking Across America, Crypto Cyclists Look to Raise $1 Million for Charity

Crypto, charity and cycling. It’s an unlikely triad, but two fitness enthusiasts-turned-crypto philanthropists believe that, taken in combination, the three can drive positive change. Taking a cross-country cycling trip around the U.S., Tour de Crypto riders …

Alts lead deepening crypto crash

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is roughly flat for the session and remains modestly above its low for the year. At $6,273, it’s still about double the level of one year ago. The alts are a different story, and the

A reliable cryptocurrency needs good governance, say researchers

Participants in cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin need to be better at preempting beneficial software changes. This will ensure the security and privacy of addresses and transactions, and help retain the value of cryptocurrencies, says Benjamin Trump (ORIS…