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Recon and Wireless Village Talks are Live on YouTube!

More DEF CON 26 videos – full playlist from Recon Village and Wireless Village talks are live on YouTube! There’s something for everyone! As always, enjoy and share.

Permalink to Researchers Link North Korea to Two Fraudulent ICOs

An increasingly “techno-savvy” ruling elite in North Korea is using a “full range” of computerized devices and tactics, including the issuing of fraudulent ICOs (initial coin offerings), to evade global sanctions and, “…generate revenue for the Kim regime,”…

The World’s Poor Will Benefit from Monetran Model

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Millions of the poorest people on earth rely on remittances from relatives for survival, and the impact that transaction fees have on them can be huge, with charges in the 7% range in most instances. $14 – the a…

Remove XUY Ransomware (.xuy Extension)

XUY is the name of ransomware infection that compromises your computer in order to encrypt your precious files. Once started on the device, the payload of this ransomware access various system parts and performs sequence of malicious changes. Some of the chan…

Twitter: A Smaller And Cleaner Garden

Despite a social networking angle, Twitter has been called a frustrating business for a lack of growth when compared with Facebook. Additionally, the company’s