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KPMG launches Bitcoin tax estimator for Australian hodlers

In some countries you are liable for capital gains tax on any profits you make on your cryptocurrency hodlings. Calculating how much you owe can be confusing, but it just got a bit easier for Australian cryptocurrencers. Today, KPMG announced a new tool, the …

Bitcoin plunges below $6,000, hits new lows for the year

Bitcoin dropped more than 10% on Wednesday. Other rivals also fell sharply in value, with market participants suggesting that a looming split in a separate digital currency called Bitcoin Cash triggered the broad decline.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Down By 11% – Commentary By Experts

As you may have seen, cryptocurrency markets have taken an abrupt downturn this afternoon, with prices of leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum down by 11% and 14%, respectively, over the past 24 hours. I have included comments on the topic […] The po…